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Our Services

Things not every Realtor may tell you.
But we will ! ! !

Purchase and Sale Agreement

The Purchase and Sale Agreement is a detailed document. Buyers and Sellers should understand each clause. It is your realtor's job to help you understand this document.
It is not good practice to waive clauses, especially dealing with water quality, house inspections, insurance or other clauses relating to the overall value or accessibility to the property. When selling a house or property, we do not recommend that the seller allow the buyer to move in, move contents or otherwise occupy the property before the closing date in the event that something goes wrong.


When a property is bought or sold, it is common practice for each party to be represented by a lawyer. We always recommend against using the same lawyer as the other party. It is your right to ask your lawyer if he/she is representing the other party. Also, before hiring a lawyer, shop around for the best price. Prices can vary widely between lawyers.

Building Inspectors

When buying a house, hire a building inspector and get a report from him/her. The price you will pay for the inspection is very small compared to the value of your house. Never be pressured by overzealous realtors who may suggest you skip the building inspection.

Viewing and Pre-Closing Viewing

Take a look at the other properties selling for the same price. Compare, Compare, Compare. As a buyer, you must always conduct a pre-closing view with your realtor on closing day or as close to the closing day as possible. This final viewing ensures that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. Ask how long the property has been on the market. This may enhance your bargaining power.

Property Listing

When listing a property for sale, you are opening your house to the public and potential buyers. Keep the inside clean and tidy and keep the grounds looking good. First impressions are very important, so if the house needs painting, consider it as an investment in your property.

Mortage Rates

Shop around for the best possible mortgage for you. All banks are not created equal and today, many people use the services of independent mortgage specialists to track down the best mortgage rates. This service is usually free. It is a good idea to visit your financial institution before making an offer. This will let you know what you can reasonably afford. Once you have used the Income Calculator to estimate your maximum monthly total, you can compare this number to the mortgage payments for specific loan amounts. Simply enter the loan amount in our Mortgage Calculator and the monthly principal and interest will be figured out for you.


If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always become familiar with the area you intend to move into. Check out proximity to schools, churches, groceries, playgrounds,etc. Check out the taxes and heating bills.


Your offer to purchase a property may contain as many conditions as you see fit. Common conditions include: proper financing, good water test results, occupancy date. Conditions may vary widely ; anything from fixing a pane of glass to replacing a roof. If you are the seller of a house, make sure that hidden items like flooding basements, roof leaking, insulation... are declared.

Market Timing

When selling your house, be patient. As you no doubt are aware, some houses sell in a couple of days. Im small towns or rural areas, some houses sit on the market for months, even years. Be patient and make sure your realtor hasn't overpriced your property.

Insurance company guidelines have changed in recent years. Roofs, oil tanks , furnaces, fire places, flues, wood stoves and electrical systems are favorite items for insurance companies to pay close attention. Remember, what was up to code 10 years ago may not be now.

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